After the arrival of your bundle of joy life can be a little bit on the daunting side.  With night time feeds, breastfeeding, dirty nappies and reflux, to name just a few, it’s important to not forget about Mommy.  Our Pilates classes will give you a space to look after your body while interacting with other likeminded Mommies.

As a rule, if you had natural birth wait 4 weeks and post C-section 6 weeks.  But its best to get the go ahead from your health care provider.  Once you have the green light, our classes will guide you through post delivery recovery.  Focusing on your abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles which have all been through quite an ordeal with both the pregnancy and labour.

You will be encouraged to train at your own pace and fitness level with each exercise being modified to suit you.  We will check for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) and the correct methods will be used to assist in correcting DR.

You are welcome to bring your baby along to the classes to either take part with you or nap close by while you have some Mommy time.


LADIES WHOM WE WOULD RECOMMEND TAKING THE CLASSES:                                                        

  • Mommies who had natural birth and are 4 weeks post-delivery
  • Mommies who had a C-section and are 6 weeks post-delivery
  • Mommies who have been given the green light by their health care providers
  • Mommies who have Diastasis Recti
  • Mommies who would like to recover after pregnancy and labour
  • Mommies who would like to get back into pre-pregnancy shape and would like professional guidance
  • Mommies who need a social friendly environment to come and do exercise

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