Mat Classes

Mat Classes

Our Group Mat Classes are great no matter what fitness level you are at.  They will give you more in terms of fitness and strength development for beginners to advanced.  Using different props like Thera Bands, Pilates balls and foam rollers combined with the Pilates techniques these classes are fun, varied and challenging.

Just let us know what level you are at when you contact us, so that we can slot you into the correct group.


Ladies whom we would recommend taking the classes:                                                        
  • Ladies who are new to Pilates up to advanced
  • Ladies who have been out of training for a while
  • Ladies who are looking to take it to the next level in their fitness and strength
  • Ladies who have specific weak spots to focus on
  • Ladies with injuries


CLASS FORMAT:                                                        

  • In-studio
  • Virtual (Microsoft Teams)
  • Pre-recorded (Microsoft Teams)


  • 1 session per week (monthly)     Please contact us
  • 2 sessions per week (monthly)     Please contact us

Instructor for this class:

Lee Zylstra – Owner/Head Instructor

Lee is a mother of two and has herself been through the highs and lows of pregnancy and motherhood.  An understanding of the emotions that face pregnancy and motherhood puts Lee in the perfect position to support you on your journey.

Lee is a BASI qualified Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer.  Over the years Lee has worked in different studios, gyms and corporates in both private and group settings.  This gives her the variety and experience needed to provide a challenging and interesting session each time she takes a class.

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