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Welcome to Fit Expectations!

Fit Expectations Pilates is the result of my passion for Pilates and woman’s fitness.  I want to provide a safe space where ladies can feel comfortable while training.

The classes will provide a safe, friendly and professional environment where I will guide you through an appropriate training session.  The exercise will vary on your strength and fitness level, meaning you can take part no matter how fit you are.  With a variety of classes to choose from, including, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, TRX/equipment and Basic there is something for everyone.

My classes are run from an exclusive intimate space.  Classes are small with a maximum of 4 ladies per class.






as a Lifestyle

Incorporating some features of aerobics, some of the “regular”, classical fitness and a bit of the yoga’s peace of mind, Pilates has everything both your body and your mind may need!


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Pilates if Perfect

for Pregnant Women

While Pilates has stuff to offer to each single specific group of people, it is even more of a perfect fit when practiced by women during pregnancy!


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is Diverse

We are eager to tell any prospective student just how versatile and universal at the same time all of the workouts in Pilates are…


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“Would I recommend Fit Expectations? Hell yes! Almost a year ago, I made enquiries, but was a bit daunted by the thought of committing to a weekly class which I might not always be able to attend as I travel regularly for work. Lee extended an invite to come and try a class free of charge (which I didn’t accept for fear of being ‘sucked in’ before I was ready 😂) A month or so later, she contacted me to say she was running a once-off special and I thought “why not? What have I got to lose?” Apparently, a lot. Inhibitions, stiffness, at least an hour a week (if not more when I get really enthusiastic and do some of the stretches at home for half an hour in the morning.)

Not only are Lee’s classes fun, but as someone else has mentioned, she knows intuitively when to push and when to focus on ‘easy’ going stretches and the like. No class is ever the same, and within a short space of time you stop being the ‘newbie’. She is professional, passionate, knowledgeable, capable and friendly. I’ve never felt awkward, even when lying on my back with my feet in the air.

And, very importantly for me, Lee does her absolute best to accommodate my sometimes chaotic and totally unpredictable schedule.

Highly, highly recommend.”

Amanda Mileson

“Lee is an excellent instructor. She tailors the classes to what I need. She knows when to really push me and when I need a gentler class. She is very knowledgeable and she knows how to vary her classes so that they stay interesting and engaging. She is also very accommodating around scheduling when I have to travel for work. I highly recommend her.”

Annemarie Paulin-Campbell